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be.modos is honored to announce our membership in the Catalyst 2030 movement.

Catalyst 2030 is a global initiative seeking innovative and revolutionary approaches to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This initiative brings together prominent social entrepreneurs along with funders and intermediaries from around the world. Until now, more than 130 well-established social entrepreneurs such as Ashoka, Echoing Green, the Skoll Foundation, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and others from the most sublime worldwide networks of social pioneers, have joined the movement to change frameworks that reinforce poverty and demolition of ecosystems.

Catalyst 2030 launched in the beginning of this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos and it is projected to serve 800 million individuals all around the globe.

Working with the least developed and marginalized segments of society in conversation with nature, this collaborative movement tries to share best practices from across different divisions and nations, co-create the general strategic roadmap for systems change, challenge the current means to institutional funding and discover collaborative areas of work. Joining forces with communities, governments, businesses, and others, Catalyst 2030 members are working toward changing systems at national as well as local level.

On 8th of July, the constructive co-creation activity of more than 1,600 associations led by Catalyst 2030 members presented and lauched the report “Getting from crisis to systems change: Advice for leaders in the time of COVID” to the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J Mohammed. The report remarks that we are currently in an emergency so profound that only extensive frameworks of change can enable a way towards a sustainable and prosperous world. It represents a guideline for social entrepreneurs to be heard and impact oriented proposals to be established.

Besides the strategic solutions to current global challenges, the report also gives insights to the core values of the Catalyst 2030 emphasizing:

  • People and nature at the centre: Individuals, nature and their lifestyles representing the core of our activities.
  • Co-creative mindset: Sharing data and information when we collaborate and producing non-exclusive results.
  • Collaborative leadership: Co-creating approaches that reflect shared ownership and credit collective impact.
  • Humble audacity: Humility that none of us alone know how goals can be best accomplished.
  • Spirit of generosity: Sharing our knowledge, time and networks freely without expectation of receiving anything in return, other than the achievement of collective goals.

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