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The ‘cherry seed my need’ hot pack is a sustainable and upcycled product for healing. It is based on the principles of German traditional healing techniques. The organic and fair CSMN hot pack aims to replace the commonly available chemical-based hot or cold packs on the market.

The base for this is the proven ability of cherry stones to store and dispense temperature. The CSMN hot pack are little packs sewed with recycled fabrics from all over the world. Those are filled with dried cherry seeds which are a wasted byproduct of industrial food production.

The heated or cooled CSMN pack is the ideal tool for pain-relief. It can be used to ease many symptoms like muscle-tension, menstruation cramps ect. or simple are a cosy companion in bed

Why this product?

Our vision is to create a health-benefiting and impactful sustainable product by using existing resources. The production of the CSMN hot pack is fair, ecofriendly and decentralized. Through the usage of recycled resources (such as cherry seeds) the CSMN hot pack is ecofriendly product. It is an example for upcycling as well as it contribute to waste reduction because it is reusable. The mission is a decentralized production of our designs in various sewing workshops and social projects.

The end-consumers are provided with a reusable, ecofriendly product to benefits their health and well-being. The designs are beautiful, unique and developed with recycled materials.

Intended Impact

  • Sustainable product
  • Health-benefiting ecofriendly product
  • Fair and decentralized production
  • Waste reduction


In the kick-off phase of the CSMN production we are looking for partners and investors. If you like the idea of the project do not hesitate to get in touch here!

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