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In a cooperation with AfroDiaspora 2.0,  be.modos partners the edition of a German children book. “Von Kindern, die zusammenkamen, ihre Geschichte zu teilen” will be a collection of short stories  created & written by children for children.

Why this project?

The majority of German children & youth literature centers a white perspective as stories take place in a world where whiteness is the norm and protagonists are blond, blue-eyed Tim, Conny & Thomas.  Black & brown  protagonists are vastly missing in German children’s literature -or if appearing- often stereotyped.

That has a negative impact on black & brown children’s’ self-image and self-confidence as they feel non-existent or misrepresented  in literature.  

Therefore children need diversified literature, which show the lived German reality of a socially, religious and  culturally diverse society, where all children can see themselves represented and feel comfortable with what they read.

The project aims to fill this gab. A workshop series with 12 workshops will create illustrated short stories with school children of diverse backgrounds. The experiences of those children will serve as basis of the short stories.  

Intended Impact

  • Empowering children of diverse backgrounds
  • Raising awareness of diversity
  • Raising awareness about the lacks in mainstream representation of race and ethnicity
  • Contribution to change mainstream representation

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