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Beat the waste is a project that aims to raise environmental awareness among young people in Kosovo and promote environmental social responsibility. Through different environmental educational activities ranging from online campaigns, presentations, panel discussions, DIY workshops, and sustainable events, the project will promote the importance of applying good environmental practices as citizens of Kosovo. The main goal of the initiative is to achieve environmental awareness among Kosovo citizens, create the first annual environmental event for sustainable businesses, organizations, and institutions in Kosovo, and engage the youth of Kosovo in the processes of sustainability.

Why this project?

Kosovo is one of the youngest countries in the world located in southeastern Europe, specifically in the Balkan Peninsula. Currently the population of Kosovo is approximately 1.8 million.  This year Kosovo marked its 11th anniversary of independence. As a developing country, besides corruption and low unemployment, environmental degradation is one of the main problems the country is facing. However, very few initiatives resulted as successful in this area due to low interest and engagement from both the government and Kosovo’s population. Bearing this in mind, our social enterprise aims to put environmental issues on Kosovo citizen’s agenda. Therefore, with our team of young people from Kosovo, utilizing the best practices of environmental education and social involvement, we intend to raise environmental awareness among young people and promote environmental social responsibility.  Most importantly, we believe that this project will help the young people of Kosovo think and act differently about their surroundings. Additionally, as the main pillar of this project, the organization of the first event in Kosovo focused solely on environmental issues will gather different companies, institutions, and organizations that can act as success stories of sustainable practices for Kosovo citizens.

Intended Results:

  • Raising environmental awareness among Kosovo citizens
  • Promote environmental social responsibility
  • Host the first annual environmental event in Kosovo to promote sustainable practices
  • Support sustainable ideas of Kosovo youth with grant price and mentorship
  • Introduce Kosovo citizens with alternative sustainable products
  • Open doors for cooperation with international companies, organizations, and institutions
  • Organization of the first zero-waste concert in Kosovo

The project is divided into two main phases. The first phase aims to inform the audience what the project is about through different campaigns and engaging actions, and announce the main activities of the project 1) the announcement of the first edition of the Beat the Waste event and 2) the call for applicants for those who have an idea that can positively contribute to tackle an environmental issue.

The second phase of the project includes the successful organization of the Beat the Waste event and the announcement of the grant winner.

Call for applicants – Young people of Kosovo will be invited to apply for a grant support if they have a sustainable solution or idea to tackle an environmental problem.  The call for applicants will define the requirements and other criteria for successful applications. The best applicants will be awarded with a grant price and simultaneously will gain mentorship from the be.modos team for the development of the idea.

Beat the Waste Event focuses on gathering Kosovo citizens in a sustainable event which will host various local and international organizations, companies, and institutions involved in the processes of sustainability. The event aims to educate the participants about a wide range of topics in the field of sustainable development, with focus on environmental protection, waste management and sustainable businesses through different talks, panel discussions and DIY workshops. The participants will also be able to network with different sustainable businesses and interact with their alternative products in the stall market. The two-day event will be concluded through the first zero-waste concert organized in Kosovo where more than 15 local artists will perform.

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